1. How long have you been working on this book?
This book has been a work-in-progress for years without me knowing it. I often wrote essays about my life and certain subjects which I was passionate about. At some point, I decided that they all were part of an overarching narrative and decided to compile them.

2. What was the inspiration for this memoir? 
Some inspirations included Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey and Eve Ewing’s Electric Arches. Both were works that depicted women of color and explored their trauma. Ultimately, I was most inspired by the numerous South Asian women who broke the silence and chose to speak out regarding stigmatized topics.

3. What about the book surprised you most? 
 I was surprised by the reactions people had with regards to some of the passages-- specifically "Body Image" and "Hair". The first few people who read the book stated that those were the passages they related to the most.

4. What was the hardest section of this book to write? 
Probably “Him”. It made me relive certain memories, and I had to take breaks in between writing and editing that chapter.

5. What do you hope that your readers will take away from this book?
My experiences are unique, hence why this is a memoir. I hope readers come to realize that the experiences of South Asian Americans living in the United States are not monolithic. Many times, we don’t have a voice when it comes to dictating our own narrative. I also hope this book will inspire girls who might be undergoing similar experiences that they’re not alone.